Liceul Teoretic Orizont Durlesti branch was founded in 2010 on the initiative of the businessmen community from Turkey, with the noble intention of facilitating the study of English by Moldovan students and of building a bridge of friendship and collaboration between the two states.

At our institution students study the exact sciences in English and the social sciences in their mother tongue.

There is a computerized system for recording all students’ grades. The electronic catalog is a good opportunity for parents to get acquainted with teachers’ notes and objections.

Students with outstanding performance in mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, biology and other subjects have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge within the Olympic Team and summer school, benefiting by all the support for participation in various national and international competitions.

Liceul Teoretic Orizont collaborates with many educational institutions from our country and from abroad, so we are in line with the modern European Standards. The pre-university education system in the Republic of Moldova is oriented towards democratization, openness and collaboration, in order to adjust it to European educational legislation.

The institution has a rich technical and material base and, in particular, audio-visual appliances, which enables us to make the most of the Internet and the Multimedia System. This allows us to develop lessons in a modern way and to increase students’ motivation for creative-educational activity.

Our students are involved in different extracurricular activities and after school clubs. They participate in various projects organized on the occasion of traditional holidays.

The skills and experience gained during years of study allows graduates to successfully enroll in the most prestigious universities in the country as well as abroad.                     

Hasan Barış

Director Liceul Teoretic Orizont 

Durlesti Branch

Management of The school

Barış Hasan


Yamac Alim

Asst. Director

Pinzari Olga

Asst. Director

Popov Tatiana

Asst. Director

Turan Ozkan

Asst. Director

Travacı Ferhat

Asst. Director

Our Teachers

Tenu Silvia

Physical Education Teacher

Durmus Ali Dede

Biology Teacher

Hioară Cătălin

Music Teacher

Ustun Faiz

College Counselor

Burleai Valeriu

Physics Teacher

Cotorobai Nelea

History Teacher

Gasimova Aygul

Turkish LanguageTeacher

Babilev Tatiana

Romanian LanguageTeacher

Gheorghița Tatiana

Romanian LanguageTeacher

Pascariuc Aleftina

Russian LanguageTeacher

Creciun Nadejda

Romanian LanguageTeacher

Bordei Rodica

Romanian LanguageTeacher

Panfilii Maria

Geography Teacher

Ciuhri Elena

Romanian LanguageTeacher

Mamaliga Diana

Romanian LanguageTeacher

Malinovschi Liuba

Romanian LanguageTeacher

Lupu Galina

Romanian Language Teacher

Borsenco Ivan

Mathematics Teacher

Bita Ana

German Language Teacher

Manoli Mihail

Geography Teacher

Ploteanu Nicolae

Economy Teacher

Neaga Rodica

History Teacher

Orindas Lilian

History Teacher

Bulmaga Petru

Chemistry Teacher

Bargin Diana

IT Teacher

Corlat Sergiu

IT Teacher

Lungu Valeriu

Physical Education Teacher

Oprea Vaeceslav

Physical Education Teacher

Teleucă Marcel

Mathematics Teacher

Veringata Tamara

Geography Teacher

Uzun Victor

Turkish Language Teacher

Platon Nicolai

Economics Teacher

We Offer

  • Învăţământ gimnazial: clasele VIII-IX
  • Învăţământ liceal: clasele X, XI, XII (profil real şi profil umanist)
  • Clase cu instruire în limba română și în limba rusă
  • Predare în limba engleză a disciplinelor reale, executat cu clasa a VIII-a (matematică, informatică, fizică, chimie și biologie)
  • Studierea limbilor străine: limba turcă, limba rusă, limba germană
  • Studierea aprofundată a limbii engleze
  • Pregătire suplimentară la toate disciplinele de studiu
  • Încurajarea și îndrumarea elevilor cu rezultate remarcabile la concursuri și olimpiade
  • Activități extracurriculare și cluburi pe interese
  • Ghidare şi consiliere în carieră
  • Consiliere pentru admitere la universităţi din ţară şi de peste hotare
  • Promovarea activităților de voluntariat prin intermediul
  • Parteneriatelor/Consiliului
  • Elevilor/Consiliului Părinților/Comitetului Consultativ
  • Promovarea unei bune comunicări între elevi, profesori și părinți
  • Asistență medicală permanentă
  • Catalog electronic
  • Bibliotecă digitală
  • Masă

School Calendar

Our Campus


+373(22)584104, +373(76)000160, +373(79)000073


Str Dimo 22, MD-2003, or. Durlesti, Mun. Chisinau, Moldova

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