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Yavuz Mustafa

Director of Kindergarten Branch

Management of The school

Yavuz Mustafa


Țepordei Ala

Assistant Director

Our Teachers

Croitoru Maria

English Language Teacher

Iurcu Tatiana


Rusanovschii Victoria

Primary Class Teacher

Bletea Stepanida


Fiodorov Ludmila


Șevciuc Nina

Primary Class Teacher

Buraveț Adriana


Curteva Irina


Muntean Cristina

English Language Teacher

Istrati Maria


Cemortan Maria

Assistant Educator

Chigai Vera

Assistant Educator

Gogu Galina

Assistant Educator

Valibaeva Nigara

English Language Teacher

Ceban Maria


Fratea Ana

Music Teacher

Țurcan Alexandrina


We Offer

In kindergarten, children make their first friends, play and learn at the same time. The groups consist of 15-20 children, aged between 3 and 7 years, the children being instructed in both Romanian and English.

The team of professionals in the field of Early Education, offers children a comfortable psychological climate daily based on respect and trust, which later helps the little ones to develop and grow both psychologically and educationally. Thus, for a complex education system, the teaching staff of our kindergarten is guided by the following criteria:

Teachers annually participate in training courses, training and personal and professional development, organized by the high schools “Orizont” or  in General Directorate of Education ,Youth and Sports of Chisinau.

The instructive-educational activity is designed in accordance with the Framework of Early Education, the Curriculum for Early Education, Standards of learning and development of the child from birth to 7 years;

Kindergarten educators are experts in early learning and development. They know how to analyze children’s learning abilities, work with children and parents to set learning goals and then guide children to become the best versions of them.

School Calendar

Legal Holidays and Vocation Days

1. 1 January  – New year

2. 7 and  8 January – The Birth of Jesus Christ

3. 8 March – International Women’s Day

4. The first and second day of Easter according to the church calendar

5. Monday one week after Easter

6. 1 May – International Day of Solidarity for Workers

7. 9 May – Victory Day and the commemoration of the fallen heroes for the independence of the Motherland

8. 27 August – The independence Day

9. 31 August – Holiday of National Anthem

10. 25 December- The Birth of Jesus Christ

11. 14 October – Chisinau City Day

Our Campus



Str. Nicolae Costin 70, MD-2071, Mun. Chisinau, Moldova

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