Liceul Teoretic Orizont  who are strong academically, who use the foreign language in the best way, who have high self-confidence, who think scientifically, who add value to the environment they live in, first met with his students in Ceadir Lunga in 1993 in order  to raise individuals beneficial to all humanity. Presenting academic success and life skills success to our students in a balanced way is the main aim of our educational philosophy. In order to achieve this, we created our own unique training model. Our education model, which will be renewed and developed in the light of science and current developments, is one of the main privileges of Orizont schools. Our tradition, especially our goal of achieving excellence in education, is an important element of the quality of our school. In addition, today Liceul Teoretic Orizont also has a future-oriented perspective.
We value innovative development as much as classical ideals, and this attitude plays a prominent role in our curriculum, our curriculum and teaching approach constitute a whole that brings together the best aspects of international approaches. Many of our students continue their higher education at the world’s best high ranking universities. Liceul Teoretic Orizont training ensures advanced academic achievement – but our specialty is not limited to academic excellence. Liceul Teoretic Orizont education aims much more than teaching students what they expect from life; we make them discover what kind of person they want to be. At Liceul Teoretic Orizont, we take care of the individual, value everyone’s interests, and always try to encourage creativity and pursuit of their goals. Liceul Teoretic Orizont is open to students from all regions of Moldova and in different settings. We believe in tolerance and diversity. My central vision of Liceul Teoretic Orizont is building a relationship. Not just technology – yes, technology plays a big part in our modern world, but connecting with ourselves, other people and nature as well.
These are the bonds in which true happiness and success in life can exist. I see these ties every day:
the level relationship between our students and their devoted teachers and other staff, between them and the natural world, and between them and our teachers. Despite the challenging academic level of the school, I think that’s why I see so many smiling people at Liceul Teoretic Orizont. The greatest value of an educational institution is its educators. We can reach our high goals only with an experienced staff. I believe that we are confidently marching towards our goals with our educators, each equipped and experienced in the field, that we have formed based on this view.

Osman Aytekin

Director Liceul Teoretic Orizont

Ceadir Lunga Branch

Management of The school

Aytekin Osman


Bejenuța Liliana

Asst. Director

Chiosea Prascovia

Asst. Director

Guboglo Svetlana

Asst. Director

Our Teachers

Novacili Tatiana


Ghiumiușliu Axenia

Primary Class Teacher

Molla Cristina

Music Education Teacher

Paraschiva Larisa

Primary Class Teacher

Marinova Vera

Romanian Language Teacher

Jelezoglo Stepan

Art Teacher

Peșceanițkii Alexandr

Physics Teacher

Panceva Natalia

History Teacher

Tucan Andrei

Physical Education Teacher

Gospodinova Alexandra

Biology Teacher

Bejenuța Liliana

Romanian LanguageTeacher

Chiseeva Elena

Russian LanguageTeacher

Torgan Sergiu

Geography Teacher

Slepțova Valentina

Biology Teacher

Stoeva Aculina

Russian LanguageTeacher

Topciu Lilia

Mathematics Teacher

Bozadji Nadejda

Chemistry Teacher

Caranfil Elena

English LanguageTeacher

Petrovici Viorica

Romanian LanguageTeacher

Melenti Valentina


Bejenar Andrei

Informatics Teacher

Stoeva Marina

History Teacher

Masoglo Elena

Primary Class Teacher

Erebacan Valentiva

Primary Class Teacher

Bragar Irina

Romanian LanguageTeacher

We Offer

In our school, education is conducted from the 1st grade, in the high school in two profiles – science and social.

We have children of different nationalities from all over the south of Moldova: Bessarabka, Cimislia, Leovo, Cantemir, Cahul, Taraclia, Vulcanesti, Comrat, Ceadir-Lunga. High school students, over the years of studying, perfectly master in English, Romanian, Turkish and Russian Languages.

Educational process is carried out by a highly qualified teaching staff. Teachers of our school participate in seminars of methodological associations in all subjects: district, regional, republican. Constantly participate in the work of various courses.

One of the indicators of the level of education is the admission of graduates to various universities. The bachelor’s degree and the high level of education received in our educational institution allow our graduates to enter and successfully study not only in the universities of Moldova, but also in countries near and far abroad.

Each classroom is equipped with a computer, everything you need, including video surveillance cameras for distance learning.

One of the most important events for students of our school is participation in project Olympiads. The high level of knowledge obtained in our school allows the majority of students to take part, and not without success, in subject Olympiads of various levels: district, regional, national and international. As a result, a lot of places are taken. 

Nonresident students are provided with a dormitory, where a cozy atmosphere is created, close to home. 3 people live in spacious and bright rooms. Together with the children, educators are constantly here. In the classrooms, under the guidance of on-duty teachers, who are always ready to give the necessary advice, homework is done. Successful work cannot be without delicious food. 3 times a day, high-calorie meals are provided in the catering department by skilled chefs.

No one is immune from diseases, and if this happens, the necessary qualified medical care will always be provided by a doctor and a nurse who are constantly at the first-aid post.

In a word, all conditions for study are created here. In their free time, they are engaged in clubs of interest: sports, art and subject; receive guests from other lyceums; go in for sports; participate in competitions, often becoming winners. The extracurricular life of our  students is also rich and varied. The leadership and teaching staff of the school create conditions under which it is interesting to study and relax. It has become a tradition to visit the museums of Chisinau: the museum. Pushkin, the Historical Museum, the Museum of Romanian Literature, etc. Our lyceum students also love to travel: the tour to the historical places of Moldova turned out to be especially interesting: Chisinau, Orhei, Soroca, Saharna, Tsypovo, etc. Any student from educational institutions in the south of Moldova can become students of our school.

We always welcome guests! Waiting for you!


В нашем лицее обучение ведется с 1 класса, в лицейском цикле по двум профилям – реальный и гуманитарный.

У нас обучаются дети разных национальностей со всего юга Молдовы: Бессарабка, Чимишлия, Леово, Кантемир, Кагул, Тараклия, Вулканешты, Комрат, Чадыр-Лунга.

Учащиеся лицея, за годы обучения в лицее, в совершенстве овладевают английским, румынским, турецким и русским языками.

Учебно-воспитательный процесс осуществляется высококвалифицированным педагогическим коллективом.  Педагоги нашего лицея участвуют в заседаниях методических объединений по всем предметам: районных, региональных, республиканских. Постоянно участвуют в работе различных курсов.

Одним из показателей уровня обученности является поступление выпускников лицея в различные ВУЗы. Степень бакалавра и высокий уровень образования, получаемые в нашем учебном заведении, позволяют нашим выпускникам поступать и успешно обучаться не только в ВУЗах Молдовы, но и в странах ближнего и дальнего зарубежья.

Каждый кабинет оснащен компьютером, всем необходимым, включая и камеры видеонаблюдения для дистанционного обучения.

Одним из самых важных мероприятий для учащихся нашего лицея является участие в предметных олимпиадах.  Высокий уровень знаний, получаемый в нашем лицее, позволяет большинству учеников принимать участие, и небезуспешно, в предметных олимпиадах различного уровня: районных, региональных, республиканских и международных. Как правило, занимаются призовые места.


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