Balkan Mathematics Olympiads 2023

Excellent results were obtained by the students of Liceul Teoretic Orizont, Durlesti branch at the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad (40th edition), held in Antalya, Turkey, between May 8-13, 2023:

– CERNATÎNSCHI DAN, 12B – Silver Medal

– POPESCU ALIN, 9A – Bronze Medal

– PORT DRAGOŞ, 12B – Bronze Medal

– CERLAT MARIUS, 9A – Bronze Medal

– BABUC CONSTANTIN, 11A – Honorable Mention

131 students from 22 countries participated in the Olympiad.

We thank Mr. TELEUCĂ MARCEL, the leader of the Olympic team in mathematics, for his dedication and involvement in the preparation of the students!



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